Los Helechos


Los Helechos

Among wild flora, streams and rivers, surrounded by aromas of jarilla, thyme, rue and thousands of spices, Uco Valley sprouts gracefully. Source of purity and vitality, natural fields climb de majestic Andean landscape setting up a grand scenery.

We want to share our history, which begins in the roots of our vineyards, that soaks through pristine springs, nourishing the soil. It is in Uco Valley that autochthonous ferns became witnesses of the mountainous formation.

They found shelter on a riverbank, near our lands, and marked the origin of this Valley, which would then offer endless natural resources.

I’ll be honest with you, creating my own wine range is probably better than scoring a hundred at Lords

Sir Ian Botham

New Zealand wine has become a $1.7 billion global success story because our producers have always had innovation at the forefront of their thinking. This new collaboration between Invivo and Sarah Jessica Parker is yet another example of a Kiwi winery thinking outside of the box; it is an indicator of why New Zealand wines will be even more successful in the future.

Philip Gregan, CEO New Zealand Wine Growers

Graham Norton Sauvignon Blanc has proved widley successful, and is currently the fastest growing New Zealand wine brand in the UK.

Drinks Business Feb 2019

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