The Federation of Argentine Winemaking Cooperatives (FECOVITA) is a cooperative associating 29 cooperatives made up of over 5000 wine-growers and producers.

These small wine-growers joined together in cooperatives to create synergies in winemaking and in the placement of their production on the market.

With the creation of Fecovita and the subsequent acquisition of the fractioning unit and the commercialization of Bodegas y Viñedos Giol, producers manage to participate with their production in domestic and international market among the wine industry leaders.

With this successful integration, the enterprise producers receive better information about the types of wines required by the market and invest in improving the varietal composition of vineyards based on market needs.

Producers purchase machinery, improve agricultural practices and working methods in order to adapt their productions to Fecovita requirements.
In turn, the associated cooperatives continuously make major investments in advanced technology to achieve a better wine quality every day.

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