Bodega Estancia Mendoza


Bodega Estancia Mendoza

Bodega Estancia Mendoza, a FECOVITA Wine Group ́s winery, launched its flagship wine portfolio in the UK .

FECOVITA Wine Group is the largest wine producer in Argentina and the 10th largest wine company globally*.

The winery is proud to be owned 100% by Argentine grape producers and their dedication to ethical sustainability is at the heart of their values. The cooperatives management team have ensured producers get a consistent and fair price for their grapes, even in challenging years. At the same time, the owners invest consistently year after year into the development of the system, by supporting several community programmes in health, education and professional training in order to fulfill the company’s mission.

The perfect blend of soil, climate, vine and commitment from producers results in the best quality of grapes. And their transformation results in quality wines expressive of the potential in Uco Valley, the quintessential region for Argentine viticulture.

Sourced from the prestigious Uco Valley region of Mendoza, the Bodega Estancia Mendoza wines are among the top 5 best-selling wine brands in Argentina and command a 10% share of the domestic market. In the UK and Republic of Ireland, these wines will be exclusively distributed by Benchmark Drinks Ltd.

The range has already been recognised in the UK for its stand-out quality, where the Estancia Mendoza Reserve Malbec was awarded a Gold medal in the 2019 Global Malbec Masters in the £10 – £15 category.

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London, United Kingdom